Veterinary Chiropractic

A chiropractor treats ‘Vertebral Subluxation Complexes’ or fixations of joints. A fixed joint is one which does not move fully or smoothly through its normal range of motion.

These fixations lead to muscle stiffness, spasm and pain. If these fixations have been present for a long time, the body recognises this as normal altering the horse’s gait and normal biomechanics. The altered biomechanics has the potential to lead to other injuries such as foot problems, tendon and ligament strains.

Treating these fixations using a ‘chiropractic adjustment’ helps to restore the horse’s normal biomechanics. The adjustment is a high velocity, low force specific thrust applied to the fixed joint along a specific line of correction within that joint’s normal range of motion.

Fixations occur through every day wear and tear in the athletic horse as well as from injury. They can be the primary cause of the altered gait or secondary to another problem, such as bone spavin or sacroiliac pain.

Chiropractic treatments used routinely in the athletic horse can highlight areas of reduced motion and if treated promptly can help prevent further potentially more serious injury. It can also be used in conjunction with other conventional veterinary treatments, such as joint medication and pain relief as well as acupuncture.


Back pain- kissing spines, facet pain
Sacroiliac pain
Neck pain and arthritis
Uneven contact when ridden, head tilt
Behavioural problems- bucking, rearing, napping, problems girthing
Lameness leading to secondary musculoskeletal pain
Horses in work to prevent injury

Fiona is a member of the:

IVCA- international veterinary chiropractic association
BVCA- British veterinary chiropractic association



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