On Site Veterinarian

Fiona is an equine vet with over 10 years experience treating injured horses. The horses in our care have individual rehabilitation programmes and these are continuously reassessed by Fiona, thereby maximising their recovery. We work closely with many vets from the area and liaise with them regularly whilst a horse is staying with us.

Veterinary Physiotherapy

Horses who have injured themselves often have painful and tight muscles. This maybe the primary cause of the injury or lameness or secondary to an injury elsewhere. Physiotherapy is an important way of treating this and allows the horse to recover correctly and more quickly. It works well in conjunction with acupuncture. Physiotherapy is also relaxing for many horses and this is important for a horse on box rest. We work closely with a Veterinary physiotherapist.



"Fiona Elliott is a superb Equine vet, with a wealth of practical equine knowledge..."

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